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Work should be challenging, not repetitive...

Syntactics Development
September 18, 2020
3 min read

Make work fun again!

Think back of a time you really enjoyed work. It was probably challenging, together with others and you needed to use your brain! Did you put in the extra mile, work late? Probably.. In recent articles from both Financial Times (08/'19) and Harvard Business Review(07/'19) the potential influence of AI and automation within companies is analysed.

While many people believe these developments will cause us to lose our job to a machine or piece of software, these articles have identified a few of many potential benefits. By focussing on the mundane tasks your employees do not enjoy or on the repetitiveness causing lack in quality, the focus of employees can be on the work they do enjoy.

When people and software work together this will increase productivity, efficiency, quality and even happiness among employees.  Why not let people do people jobs and let the machines do the repetitive mundane tasks?  

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