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Syntactics launches their new website!

Syntactics Development
September 18, 2020
1 min read

We have a new website!

Today is the start of Syntactics. Syntactics aims to improve productivity of companies. We do this by automating processes in and around cloud-based applications. We write the code that simply automates one or multiple (recurring) tasks. Before we started we already successfully helped among others Target Holding, Bedden.nl, Picnic and Travelfiesta.

Do you know organisations in need of Data Science help?

Take a look on our website for more information https://www.syntactics.dev. Do you know someone who struggles with difficult Data Science challenges? Help us start our company by connecting us!

Follow our journey in starting up our new company, check out our LinkedIn where you will find weekly updates on our process. Interested in our help, contact us here. Interested in who we are, check out our story here.

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